Electric tool industry: adjusting the industrial structure welcome innovation development

Time:2012-12-12 02:15:15
With the further recovery of the domestic and international market economy, directly contributing to the power tools market sales to pick up.

"Sales of power tools, more than half of which is produced by the Chinese" It has been such an expression of electric tools in the strong production capacity and exports strong. However, God Bless unpredictable things can happen, a few years ago in the case of rising raw materials, the financial crisis has led to a sudden electric tools sharp contraction in foreign trade orders, the obvious characteristics of extraversion electric tool industry is undoubtedly a heavy blow, and many owners have discontinued or diverted, and the rest of the business is also difficult propped ends meet.

When the market environment has changed, the original potential problems exposed. Admittedly, electric tool enterprises in China defects: small-scale enterprises, technological backwardness, lack of brand power industry integration, etc., resulting in product performance and low-value-added, export exchange capacity is low.

Electric tool enterprises in China are generally smaller, weak the industry technology R & D and innovation capacity. Although, some large-scale enterprise production and sales situation is relatively stable, but the international market price advantage of electronic tools gradually weakened, some companies want into the international, not the easy thing to do.

It is reported that electric tools export situation is still grim, the troubled industry export adverse factors still exist, and the greater impact. Steel, including the production of electric tools such as silicon steel, copper enameled wire, copper products, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, engineering plastics raw materials prices rose sharply, the power tools production costs continue to climb, a direct impact on the effectiveness of exports of the product. The impact of rising raw material prices, in addition to improve product sales price, there are no more solutions, the original "conservation potential" potential has been dug to make further savings that only "cut corners".

Cut corners will inevitably affect the quality of products, and commitment to customer returns or claims risk. For all companies are not going to work. After all, integrity is an important principle to maintain customers.

Therefore, enterprises should increase technology investment, and enhance the capability of independent innovation, appropriate adjustment of the industrial structure of the original. With independent intellectual property rights as the core competitiveness in the fierce competition to gain a firm foothold.