Electric tools product technical level gap still need to improve the quality of deposit

Time:2012-12-12 02:15:15
The development of electric tool from the overall look, product technology level and foreign between industry there is a big gap, mainly is the product appearance quality is poor, appearance is drab, quality is not not disorderly, high frequency peak cry, unit weight output is low, the electromagnetic compatibility is not in conformity with the requirements, etc.

There is no doubt that China has become tools manufacturing country, is preparing to raise the overall quality direction diligently. Industry comprehensive use of advanced technology, advanced equipment, advanced technology, the industry product standard equivalent the ISO international standard, and more importantly, more frequent international communication between industry, the enterprise leaders and managers' quality improving, become our country tool industry for the sustainable development of the new. In view of 2011 tool industry import and export statistics, China hardware products association tool hardware branch secretary general ZhouJiHua call a spade a spade, China tool hardware power status in 2011 to obtain the further establishment.

According to customs statistics, 2011 tool hardware exports to 10.606 billion us dollars, up 26.7% increase. Among them, the small electric tools for 2.614 billion us dollars, up by 22.3%; Saw products for 1.212 billion us dollars, up by 24.9%; Measuring tool for 897 million us dollars, up by 50%; Gardening tools for 563 million us dollars, up by 16.8%; Tong class for 608 million us dollars, up by 28.3%; Wrench class for 607 million us dollars, up by 24.1%; Group set of tools for 431 million us dollars, up 15.9% increase.

In the product import, the amount of imports for 5.166 billion us dollars, up 21.9% increase. Among them, the measuring tool for 2.673 billion us dollars, up by 26.4%; Small electric tools for 433 million us dollars, up by 16.1%; Wrench class for 118 million us dollars, up by 2.6%; Saw class for 234 million us dollars, up by 35.3%; Group set of tools for 040 million us dollars, up by 53.8%; Tong class for 036 million us dollars, up by 28.6%; Gardening tools for 004.9 million us dollars, up 28.9% increase.

From the customs statistics is not difficult to discover, to wrench, pliers, saw class as a representative of traditional hand tools products by overseas buyers still favor, maintained for a long time in 20% of the growth rate is that Chinese manufacturing hand tools products are occupied more and more large market space. Small electric tools, gardening tools, kits and other products exports also further growth, indicating that this kind of products in Europe and the United States the main market demand has not because of the influence of the financial crisis reduced these products are DIY main consumption. There is concern that import, although at present the world's largest wrench, tongs manufacturing enterprise are almost in China, but these two types of product imports to nearly $150 million; Measuring tool products is so, although there are Oriental seiko seiko, Great Wall, and a number of leading enterprise promoting, zhejiang area also has a large number of production enterprises, measuring 2011 export for $897 million, rate of 50%, while imports is $2.673 billion, keep 26.4% of the high speed measuring, single product trade deficit of $1.776 billion, in the whole of the hardware industry also does not see more.

The personage inside course of study thinks, although China is the world's largest production base of hand tools, but export tool in OEM is given priority to, many products is actually made up of domestic enterprise production, the overseas well-known brand purchase labeling after return selling the domestic market. So domestic tool enterprise need in the brand build and channel construction work, avoid production enterprise make hard money, high profit for foreign brands make go embarrassing situation. Jinhua tool hardware industry association secretary general WangQiuQin when talking about this issue, she said that in 2011 the jinhua tool production enterprise basic are in full load production, the enterprise generally reflected is order do not come, want to enlarge the scale of production, but subject to hire difficult. But even if so, the production enterprise's profit level is still very low, in addition to a few big profit of enterprise can achieve 20% beyond, most of the profits of the business under 10%. Tool enterprise owners generally reflect a problem is, in full swing dry for a year, but money is not much. Investigate its reason, or because the price of a product to sell not up, more time is in low level homogenization competition. The lack of brand awareness and influence, lack of domestic and international marketing channels, and makes the most of the enterprise the lack of pricing right and market control force, can only hope day dinner wait for order. Of course, these are not accomplish in one move, and may take quite a long time to realize, we hope that the production enterprise to realize this problem as early as possible, and gradually improve. WangQiuQin said.

Also have the personage inside course of study thinks, at present, our enterprises in export, or in the quantity win, the growth of sales is not actually bring profit margins of ascension that is completely dependent on the number of export products increased, this may be restricted the development of the industry a hidden danger. Especially now Taiwan tool, India tool competitive power in the international market also to our enterprise caused great pressure.

ZhouJiHua expressed: I don't think hidden trouble, so for many years to come to China tool development has always been very healthy, high speed, continuous, quality improved steadily, market share increased, it is because of China's tool industry high-speed growth, leading to western tool manufacturing year after year atrophy. Of course China tool industry also have competition, such as India, otherwise China tools did not become volley roses? The future development of China's tools just keep now development momentum, don't calm, steady progress, and we will be able to achieve the goal of manufacturing power tools.

The development of electric tool product insulation structure is E level, now has been conducted grade B series electric idea insulation materials, progress insulation level. Computer aided design CAD is in some enterprises in the application, but has not been popular in the industry. Early abroad on the man-machine engineering technology, electronic technology and the application of the large capacity rechargeable battery choose research, quick charger development, insulation structure selection in the study, work parameter selection research, drive structure research and modelling design, etc., and has been widely applied in electric tools.