Power tools rapid development of the market structure to get rid of a single

Time:2012-12-12 02:15:15
China is the world's largest production base of hand tools, monitoring data show that: In the first half of 2012, output reached 120 million units, a year-on-year decline of 1.37% in the national power tools. In June, China's production of electric tools 21,329,000 units, up 2.37%.

Of production and a major exporter of hardware tools, which, in the global sales of electric tools, the vast majority of production and exports, I had already become the world's main supplier of power tools. Industrial scale of China's hardware tools, but due to technological innovation capability is weak, the market structure over a single, weak brand influence, and other factors, many hardware tools manufacturing enterprises often lack the core competitiveness, is difficult to become bigger and stronger.

China's current annual tool sales of $ 14.5 billion, of which the proportion is less than 25% of carbide cutting tools, not only a far cry from the international market tool product structure, can not meet the demand of the domestic manufacturing of carbide cutting tools growing.

Currently, the tool structural imbalance a production tool Requirements wrong way. Carbide cutting tools gap: users need, but the high-speed steel cutting tools overproduction; much-needed and efficient tool of modern manufacturing gap, but low-grade standard tool overproduction.

Power tools market in the country, the number of sales of domestic power tools has accounted for 90% of total sales, and a variety of imported brands products accounted for only 10% of the market share. Foreign power tool market, China manufacturing expanding the proportion of the production base of China has become a global power tools. Domestic electric tools market quality and brand power tools more picky, regardless of power tools dealer, Pan Bo direct users, power tools are very face up quality and brand. Therefore, the market to the good quality, good brand power tools raked. This is a way to improve the power tools market matures.

There are still a big gap between the technical level of power tools in China with foreign industry, mainly the poor quality appearance of the product, rather monotonous appearance, the quality is not chaos, high frequency sharp cry, contribute to the unit weight, electromagnetic compatibility The resistance does not meet requirements.